with Roast Beef, Cambozola and Rocket Leaves.

ALLGÄUER RAHMTORTE (or alternative brie-like soft cheese) Avocado, Shallots, Cherry Tomatoes and Date Dressing.

A calabrian speciality soup, newly interpreted with the help of PEMA bread.

Whole grain pizza with Italian flair, for big and small appetites.

A juicy and rich salad for gourmets.

A hearty soup speciality with star-like qualities.

Heavenly indulgence, a sweet and nutty temptation.

Wholegrain gnocchi with a green cress and grappa sauce.

Nutri-score is a voluntary front-of-packaging food label showing the product’s nutritional composition whilst enabling it to be quickly and simply compared to other available products.

Naturally fermented, easier to digest and a longer Shelf Life.

Stay young and healthy by looking after the gut. A balanced diet and regular exercise can assist the variety and balance of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract.

A balanced nutritional diet helps to keep you young and fit whilst reducing the risks of age-related illnesses.

Calculate and Reduce your Ecological Footprint.

Every day in the region where we live in the Fichtel Mountains, nature shows us how beautiful the natural simplicity of a tree, a flower, birdsong or an ear of rye can be.

The diversity and complexity of the Franconian landscape bestows us with an abundance of local specialties connected to customs and traditions carefully developed and handed down from generation to generation.

Different Flours have different baking properties and correspondingly retain their nutrients differently.