to serve 2


  • 100 g Allgäuer Rahmtorte / Brie / similar soft cheese
  • 50 g PEMA wholegrain Rye Bread
  • 1 Clove Garlic
  • 200 g Cherry tomatoes
  • 1/4 Shallot
  • 1/4 Avocado
  • 2 Dates
  • 1 ½ Tbs Olive Oil
  • 2 tsp Balsamic Vinegar
  • 1 tsp Mustard


1) Wash the vegetables.

2) Sauté the bread.
Cut the bread into cubes, peel the garlic and chop roughly. Heat 1 Tbsp Olive Oil in a pan and sauté the bread until golden brown. Then add the garlic and lightly fry. Remove all the ingredients from the pan.

3) Prepare the dressing.
Cut the dates into small pieces, add the mustard, balsamic vinegar and 1 – 1 ½ Tbs water and puree in a blender. Stir in the remaining oil, salt and pepper to taste.

4) Prepare the vegetables.
Use about ¼ shallot cut finely into rings. Wash the tomatoes and cut them in half. Use half of the flesh of the avocado cut into pieces. Set aside.

5)  Serve.
Cut the cheese into cubes and mix with the bread and vegetables. Just before serving evenly coat all the ingredients with the Date vinaigrette.

Bon Appetit! Guten Appetit! Enjoy!

Nutritional Information per portion

1694 kj/452 kcal
37,8 g
thereof saturated fatty acids
15,42 g
15,75 g
thereof sogar
7,4 g
11,15 g
Dietary fibre
7,7 g
1,35 g

Preparation time

ca. 20 minutes