For more than 200 years the austere charm, extensiveness, calm and unspoilt countryside of the Fichtel Mountains have lured visitors from far and wide who searched for refuge from the stresses and strains of daily life. In order to protect this unique landscape and to keep it as a place of recreation in which people can discover and appreciate nature’s beauty, the Fichtel mountains have been designated as a Nature Park. 


Lying between the centres of Bayreuth, Hof, Weiden and the Czech town Cheb (Eger) the Nature Park stretches out over an area of just over 1000 km2.

It includes the whole of the district of Wunsiedel in Fichtelgebirge, the northern most part of the district of Bayreuth, whilst extending as far north as the district of Hof, and as far south as the district of Tirschenreuth.


In a similar way to National Parks and Biosphere Reserves, Nature Parks belong to so-called protected areas. As opposed to National Parks where nature is largely protected from mankind’s influence, Nature Parks aim to preserve the cultural landscape created by their inhabitants whilst simultaneously promoting nature-friendly recreation and tourism.


Situated in the northeast of Bavaria, the Fichtel Mountains are formed like a giant horseshoe. The Schneeberg, meaning literally snow mountain, and the Ochsenkopf (Oxhead) are the mountain range’s highest mountains at over 1000m. Wild granite pinnacles rise from the rustic mountain forest – as if formed by a giant’s hand. From deep within this low mountain range in the centre of Europe, four rivers, the Main, Eger, Naab and Salle rise up as springs and flow in all directions out of the Fichtel Mountains. Hidden within the centre of the wooded mountain range, a wide and diverse cultural landscape has developed. Peaceful villages are surrounded by fields and meadows full of flowers and herbs. Charming towns in the Fichtel Mountains display evidence of a wealth once created by early industry and ore mining. The diligence of its people coupled with the harsh, almost Nordic climate have created a uniquely divers landscape. Several different species of animals and plants, which have long since disappeared elsewhere, still find their home here.


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Tourism in the region

The diverse landscape offers an immense array of activities suitable for both summer and winter holidays - for active travellers, gourmets and families, wellness trips or motoring around in a campervan.  The Fichtel Mountains are particularly suitable for active holidays in the great outdoors, whether it be for hiking, cycling or winter sports.


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