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PEMAs demand is baking remarkable bread. It influences the whole production process.

It is characteristic using grain from monitored contract farming, to clean and wash it thoroughly and to mill the grain wet instead of dry. Due to this process all valuable nutrients stay in the grain.

A further characteristic is the use of natural sourdough, one secret of PEMAs typical taste. For its preparation PEMA requires just 72 hours. PEMA is baking at low tempertures but twice as long as normal. Thus PEMA bread tastes better, it is more digestible and keeps longer fresh.

A special pasteurisation and packaging method keep the unique bread taste.

This kind of caution is not only special, it is unique. But for PEMA it is part of the daily art of baking bread.


“Taste is the art
to know all about trivia.”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau